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Reed Concierge LLC, Miami’s leading luxury concierge, lifestyle and event management agency with over 16 years of experience.

At Reed Concierge we have highly trained staff that will make your adventure unforgettable.

Joan Pulido, Colombian by birth, living in the city of Miami, a professional in biology and chemistry, focused her life on what she is really passionate about, studying digital marketing and working for companies like Google and Microsoft, while creating companies with businesses at corporate events.

Jorge Navarro Reed, with high experience in hospitality, since his life was surrounded by the family business, which consists of organizing trips to Canada, Europe and the rest of the world for graduations, summer camps, cruises and sports experiences, etc.

That was how after a while, a friendship that has endured over the years, Joan and Jorge became partners.

As far as today is concerned, 2022 has been a year of success and recognition for Reed Concierge. The need to grow and offer more and new services has consecrated Reed Concierge as a strong and loyal competition.

Groot Hospitality Group, Mr. Hospitality Group, SLS, Cipriani, Zuma, El Socialista, Hard Rock, are just some of the companies with which it has direct business, not to mention concerts, sporting events, bachelorettes/bachelor parties, pleasure and/or business with VIP clients.

At Reed Concierge we want to retain our clients, creating highly satisfactory experiences, and in this way create a voice of friends, newlyweds, business groups, that once they experienced a trip with REED CONCIERGE, without hesitation they would recommend it.

As a leading company in Miami, we will focus on providing a stay full of fun and comfort, we will use all our tools to make your trip anywhere in the world the most pleasant, our team always works tirelessly to offer you what you deserve.

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